Bringing  People Together

Most of us can agree with todays devices we are all spending too much time alone on our screens and not enough time with

our friends and family. At  Beware of Dragon, we contend to turn that all around. We play Dungeons and Dragons (5e) in a live action technology supported environment.  Your Dungeon Master (DM) will guide you and your group through fun and challenging situations. Dungeons and Dragons not only promotes togetherness it also enhances teambuilding skills, communication, and problem solving. Unlike other games where you are competing against other members of your group to cards and board games, here at Beware of Dragon we play a game that is a little play together to win!

There is no  uncomfortable acting expected, just an action based string of tasks, decisions, and of course, a healthy amount of monster encounters. To get started, all you have to do is pick an adventure (no experience necessary).

Beware of Dragon support the LGBTQ+, black, brown and senior communities. Any behavior that does not comply will be kicked off the site.