The Dungeon Master


I was around nine years old when I first played a game of Dungeons and Dragons, and I fell in love. I played until my twenties then took a break. Now, I have kids and am playing again. In late 2010, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I fought this cancer for ten years and was doing well until in 2021 when a more serious cancer, Myelodysplastic syndrome, developed. The doctors said I needed a stem cell transplant. I am currently in recovery and I am doing well. Because I came so close to my final days, I wanted to teach my children something, so the three of us started a business. It has brought us even closer just like this wonderful game. So grab your loved ones and friends, sign up, and see how it can bring you even closer.  

"Family and friends are the greatest gift you will ever receive; they will help you face the world."

                                                       -Michael Kleisch