Picking an adventure can be hard work. to make it easier  we have different level adventures.if you are just starting with us you would start out at level 3 to 5 hen once you completed 2 adventures in 3 to 5 you will level up ang get to choose from levels 6 to 8 something from leveld 6 to 8 an then 2 adventures from 6 to 8 and keep moving up rith 2 adventures per collum collum per and you could move a;; the up yo he top levels. good luck and have fun.



For Levels Three to Five


  1. For Levels Six to Eight

Blood River Bridge

A terrible storm is coming. panic is setting in. Your only hope for shelter is an abandoned cabin ten miles away, across the infamous Blood River Bridge. The party must hurry through the grasslands and cross the bridge without dying by the hands of the dangers that lie in the grass.

The Dark Forest

Journey through the depths of the dark forest. You will have to navigate through the trees and face the dangers of the forest. You must find a fairy named Moonlight; She will give you magic fairy dust.

The Lighthouse

A mysterious creature threatens a small port city, only attacking when the sun goes down. Thankfully, the city's lighthouse scares the evil being from smashing ships to bits. When the lighthouse goes out, it's up to the party to turn it back on or risk the lives of hundreds of sailors.

An Eye For An Eye

Wile exploring  a long lost cave you run into a mithical creature that asks you for a favor. You are weary of making a deal with this creature but desire to grant him this favor.a magical glass eye has been stolen from him by a pack of goblins and they ran into the cave where the creature could not fit.will you help him retrieve his magicical glass eye?

The Giant and The Jewel

A giant that lives in the nearby mountains has taken a valuable jewel, which belongs to the King. The party's job is to retrieve the jewel, but be careful; the giant is fierce and strong, and it won't give up the gem. The party's best options are to steal the jewel or attempt to trick the giant.

The Dungeon

A princess has been kidnapped. The king has hired you to rescue her. You must journey into a dungeon in a abandoned castle that is filled with traps and bring her home.

The Violin

A terrifying monster lives in a cave just out side on town. Legend has it that the monster has a lot of treasure. Only the sounds of a particular violin located somewhere in the cave can put him to sleep, so the treasure can be retrieved. Can you find the violin before the monster finds you? 

The Great Escape 

You have been wrongfully convicted and thrown into a dungeon with separate cells. You have two days left before you get hanged. Will you manage to escape, or will you die for a crime you dint commit?

The Pit

Your party has fallen into a giant pit. There are bones everywhere; what enters the pit gets ripped apart. A small tunnel is spotted by a member of your party.  A Bronze Dragon enters the pit from above. Will you stay and fight or seek shelter in the tunnel?

Hill Of Beans

Large hills in view of the city of Castleton have a small field of so-called "magic beans". The beans are said to have healing power that dazzle the imagination. You embark on a quest to harvest the beans, discover who planted the field, and take some beans before they notice.

The Haunted Mansion

Due to a violent storm, you have decided to take shelter in a creepy old mansion. After some time passes, you begin to hear noises, footsteps, and doors slamming. The noises appear to be getting closer when suddenly a ghost attacks. Will you make it until morning, or will you die a tragic death?

Mountains of Madness

A large beast has been terrorizing a local village by eating the people. You must find the beast and slay them before the entire village dies. To find them, you must scale a mountain filled with deadly hippogriffs. Will you slay the beast or die trying?

For Levels Nine to Eleven

For Levels Twelve to Fifteen. Premium ADVENTURES

One Foot In The Grave

A classic graveyard scenario where you must try and purge the fields of undead. A flyer in the town of Devonshire provides a reward to anyone who can help eradicate these pests.

Up The Creek

You must paddle up the famous Blood River to discover what is poisoning the water. Danger is abundant, but rumor has it there is treasure waiting for those that discover the source of the poison.


Part of our alone series hunted is a twist on a regular adventure. this time you are put in a giant dungeon and given about an hour before a team of bounty hunters are sent down after you your objective is to find your  way out before the bounty hunters find you. they have orders to kill.

if you escape the bounty hunters will be trapped inside.

Getting A Head (Warning: Descriptions of Blood and Gore)

A squadron of orcs invites you to their feast at their camp, following their tradition of inviting new adventurers to dinner. Have a fun time dining with orcs, but you may regret letting your guard down.


Sullivan and the sea monster

you have been honored to join the famous captain Sullivan as he goes on his final mission after 35 years of chasing this

serpent .watch him as he uses all his skills to catch the monster. Perhaps you can help him and his crew finally catch the beast.

Mr. Sand Man

Alot of sand is what you will get as you trek through the desert on camels. Getting short on food and water, you discover that something sinister has been following you the entire way


In dungeons, the best advice to follow is to never split the party. However, through an unfortunate turn of events, your party gets separated but are in the same dungeon. You must find 6 keys to unlock a portal that will set you free.

Monster madness

join us in this action packed adventure where you will confronting some of the most famous tv monsters in history. A fun adventure that is sure to have some names you will remember.

Alone Two

a partners game here you will compete in the same dungeon to see who can find

their way out first,  Up to 4 pairs. only having a dungeoneers  pack and weapon of your choice.


Demons are Wizards best friend.
An old wizard by the name of Carnac the Great 10 has been slighted by the town of cats with type he sticks Revenge The Conjuring up a massive demons to attack the city help Castleton save itself by destroying these demons before they come out . Join us end this great adventure while you paste a lot of you .Join us on this adventure well many demons come out and you have to confront them.

Bite me

travel to a dark and mysterious castle where an excentric  man lives .you are struck by his generosity and kindness and quickly make friends. As the night falls in your party goes to sleep and a horrible fiend reveals himself.